Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something I love about spring

That I can have this for breakfast:

Honeydew melon is so refreshing and just seemed like a perfect companion for sourdough toast spread with an amazing goat cheese chevre from my local farmers' market.

After a long winter, I am so ready for the clean tastes of spring. The changing seasons are so beautiful to me, and it's pretty amazing how they directly influence our lives--what we wear, how we spend our time, what we eat and drink. I never once considered eating tomatoes (save for the canned variety) all winter long, and I can't wait for the long, hot days of summer when they finally come around. I think it's exciting that we have to wait for certain foods. And all winter, I sought out full-bodied, spicy red wines; I'm looking forward to lightening it up a bit as the weather grows warmer. Here's a list of 10 things I'm excited for as the world warms up:

1. Basil!
2. Vinho verde
3. Iced tea with mint
4. Violets (they're here! look around you, they grow wild and are a tasty and beautiful ingredient to add to salads, desserts, or a cheese plate)
5. Lacinato kale (this farm grows the most beautiful kale I've ever seen)
6. Baby new potatoes
7. Watermelon
8. Beets
9. Wheat beer
10. Arugula

What are you looking forward to?